TBCON 1999 Photos

This is a collection of photos from the conference.  It includes the preconference workshop, presentations, breaks, the social, and the conference banquet.

Also see the Official Group Photo!

Collage from CD-ROM Cover art

Mingling Time

Preparing for Presentations

Australians checking the message board

Morning Announcements

Banquet Time

Tim Barham Makes a Point

Meet and Greet

Eating and Talking

Sue, Jeff, and Simon Price

Marco and Paolo

Social Time

Tim being polite as Chris does the chicken dance

A deep conversation...

Another deep conversation...

The Italians wow the crowd

Darcy gives away  5 copies of Assistant 7!

A Packed House for "ToolBook in the 21st Century"

Jocelyn Martel Presents His Stuff

John Hall takes in a presentation

The human knot unties

Friends new and old

A session spills out to the hallway

Another packed presentation

Finally, a nice sunny day!

Soaking in the content

Graziano entertains the banquet

Eating and playing at the same time?

New friends

Hanging out and listening to the guitar

Fun time!

Enjoying the social...


These guys are telling all true stories ... really!

Three Amigos

Discussing modern storage devices

Milling about the yummy food

Dave Frisk rocks the house

Buddies galore